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Video Playback capabilities

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Here we can post the video habilities of the moonse/apad/irobot.This is one of my concerns about the cheap tablets, obviusly all of them work as ereader, and with time i am sure we can have a newer version of android so the web surfing will be improved, but the video habilities depends on the speed itself.Would be nice if those who already have received the device could post their impresions on video playback and youtuve video showing performance
(the seller don't do this).Thanks all for this great comunity
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[quote author=Giuseppe_ncaj link=topic=138.msg1173#msg1173 date=1274350158]I'm still waiting mine... v1 or v2 or vSucks... Wait and see ;)
[/quote]I orderer mine right now, hope to get it soon, version unknown too
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I can't wait to try froyo on these machines 450% speedup would make this comparable to my Motorola Milestone
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Video Playback on Android Tablet with Rockchip 2808 DPSvideo is good.a video at the highest spec that the 2808 chipset is capable of can get choppy though and takes ages to buffer. considering the file size it could be a memory card issue but difficult to test.the settings used in the video are a good guide, results are smooth, image great, and it fills the screen without zooming, so higher res would be wasted anyway seeing as there's no video out.
Video is smooth and does not take too much battery either. Can get between 3 and 4 hours of video playback. Video playback is supported by the device's co-cpu so you have 1,2 GHz of CPU working to play your videos.
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