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Using the gentouch as a ebook reader

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Since hearing about the device on droid-life weeks I spent 3 hours a day calling kmarts around the area and finally caught one in the online store and ordered it. It should be here in 2 days according to UPS. I mainly bought this for some web browsing and a ebook reader. I was just wondering if the 256ram was an issue when opening some PDFs. Has anyone has an issue with this?
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Ive used .epubs .TXT's and PDF's of some 350 page programming books (dont remember the native file size) and ad NO issue.BUt just from the FREE books that I have been able to access (dracual, jane eyre etc) it can manioulate some HUGE old textsif you cjoke this thing with a book, than you must be using the complete Unabridged works of william shakesphere in their orignal Klingon!Because I have a dozen amplifiedmcopies of the bible on there and ahvent ever had an issue
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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