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Using the gentouch as a ebook reader

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Since hearing about the device on droid-life weeks I spent 3 hours a day calling kmarts around the area and finally caught one in the online store and ordered it. It should be here in 2 days according to UPS. I mainly bought this for some web browsing and a ebook reader. I was just wondering if the 256ram was an issue when opening some PDFs. Has anyone has an issue with this?
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For those reading epub format, what reader are you using?I was using Aldiko and having no problems. (I also use it on a Droid, but while the screen is really pretty, I would prefer the pixel size of this tablet.)After installing linckracker's v3, the program now has issues paging through a chapter. Each page turn goes a a few pixels too far to the left. So by the time you've gone through a few pages, you're missing a bunch on the left and getting a corresponding amount of the left side of the next page. It looks like something has reset the width of screen by a few pixels.I checked a bit on Google and found very little. XDA had a couple of people mention the issue, but no one responded.So I'm wondering if this is fixable or if a different program would be better. Any thoughts?
[quote name='RampantOctopus;48923]I'm having the exact same problem' date=' wrote it up, and sent an e-mail to Aldiko. I'll let you know if I get a response. Curious about your mention of the clockwork mod being possibly related-- I can't imagine that it is, but now that you mention it, I never had the problem before I carried out the mod (and I did revert to older versions of Aldiko that had worked right before but that didn't solve the problem).[/QUOTE'] Any word from the Aldiko folks?
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