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Using cifs mounts is very convenient for several reasons:
*When I open a file android does not have to copy it to sdcard.
*I can access the complete path of shared files.
*I can see my DVD collection on a shared dvd unit using wondershare player.

Due to changes in recent kernel, cifs works different. The main problem is a double parsing check error after the password, and the mount command ends itself prematurely with dmesg error "CIFS VFS: Connecting to DFS root not implemented yet" and error 22 on command line. But it is still possible to use cifs manager with the following tweaks:

1.- On cifs manager settings select Load cifs Module, Load via insmode and cifs.ko path /misc/modules/cifs.ko

2.- You must have your shared folder configured on your windows or linux machines. To add a new share on cifs manager follow the next steps

share path
//ip adress/share/
example //

Mount Point
/mnt/shared folder
example /mnt/sdcard/cifs/dellCD (I always put my mounted directories under sdcard since some apps only can see sdcard)

User Name
simply write 0, if you get segmentation fault error then use 00. If you leave it empty cifs manager won't let you save the share.

Leave it empty

Here is where we complete the shared folder information.


example: ip=,unc=\\\\\\delCD,noserverino,username=username,password=password

important: password must be the last thing on options, and on unc use \ instead of /.

save it and that's it on cifs manager.

For those interested using cifs manually on command line you can use the following command:

busybox mount -t cifs // /mnt/sdcard/cifs/dellCD -o ip=,unc=\\\\\\dellCD,noserverino,username=username,password=password

I'm using
build number: 2013.04.28 v1
android: 4.1.1
Kernel: 3.4.0+
CifsManager v1.5a

It should work on hero2 but I don't have one to test. If somebody can confirm please reply.

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Nice, I've been looking for this module. I'll try it later on my hero 2. Thanks for sharing!

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