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USB device compatibility

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Other than keyboard and/or mouse (assuming it accepts my 4-port USB splitter), did anyone tried other USB devices? Please post your experience and installation notes. I would like someone to try installing BT USB dongle, if proper drivers can be found, or maybe even USB cell modem. How about USB camera for applications like Skype on M003?Any thoughts would be welcomed.
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I have a usb splitter and have the keyboard and mouse hooked up at once. I've tried a usb blutooth -does not work.
Hi guys. Just got my M003 a week, or so, ago. Here is a list of what I am able to use when plugged in to the USB port: 1) 4x port USB hub. Tried a number of these, and all seem to work OK. 2) Rocketfish 2.0MP auto-focus webcam.3) Symbol technologies LS-2208 barcode scanner.4) USB keyboard (whatever comes stock with a GX-280)5) USB mouse (optical, Dell)6) Olympus E-420 camera (mounts like a usb drive)7) various SanDisk USB flash drivesI was able to use a 4x 2.0 hub with keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner and webcam all at once. Major drain of battery, as one may well imagine, but all devices were able to input info to the screen without any difficulty, or major setup. I did have to turn the unit off, and on again, before the webcam worked though. Got a USB GMRS stick on the way. Will post info on that once it arrives, and I've tested it. If you aren't in a hurry, this thing is pretty cool. I flashed mine to 1.7.4, then to slatedroid unofficial 1.3 as soon as I got it, FYI.
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