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USB Charging?

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Is USB charging possible on this unit? Some people have had problems with their power supply failing so I wondered if USB charging was an option.
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The Apad does not support it, hence the separate power adapter. I haven't received mine yet, but it shouldn't be that hard of a hack for a wall plug. Using a computer may be more difficult, as full power will not be supplied until the Apad is recognized as a USB device and a driver installed.Main issues are a) you must keep the wall power from frying the internal regulator providing power to the usb port. A diode would solve this
you need some way of allowing the wall charger power to get to the charging circuit, while preventing the USB power from cycling back through the charging circuit when power is not plugged in. A few transistors could deal with this.Or, since you have two ports, you could just cut one off from the internal circuitry and only use it for power.Any idea what voltage the wall adapter puts out? 5v should be about right for a 3.7v battery.
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well.. actually it does. the tiny dc socket is actually a usb port that connects to only the power source from the usb cable. you need to get the usb charging cable with the barrel connector type similar to the AC adaptor provided. these cables usually used for charging smaller devices like some bluetooth headsets, mp3 players and some mobile phone models.
I use the USB charging Cable from this USB stereo headset Black Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Bluetooth Stereo Headsets The headset works great with my G1 Phone and the Cable fits and charges my iRobot M003 v1, but I must say it takes a bit longer to charge.Also I should add it charges faster turned off.
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