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Upgraded internal memory card, performance seems improved.

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I simply cloned the included 1gb micro sd to a 4gb class 6 micro sd. The inluded 1gb seemed to have very slow read speeds which could have been hindering system performance. Maybe its just the placebo effect but it sure seems that my pdn runs a little snappier with the class 6 micro sd card. Has anyone else who upgraded to better internal memory noticed a difference? What exactly gets stored on the micro sd card? apps? system files?
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No system files are stored there only books, pics and videos that you place there. So, most likely, any speed increase noticed by you is placebo.
We have been through this before. I, too, upgraded the internal memory. Several reported performance improvements. I suspect that the 1GB card is a Class2. Installing a class 6 or 10 are faster cards. It is possible the device is writing temporary files. Also, accessing books, etc stored on there the i/o should be improved.
There is more than just media files on the internal micro sd, including a dozen or so 'hidden' files. Also looks like some 3rd party apps write stuff to it. Didnt go poking and proding too much for fear of turning my beloved PDN into a rectangle drink coaster. Also, the included memory card is horribly slow, less than class 2 slow. Took several minutes to copy over ~170mb stuff. New memory card wrote that ~170mb in less than a minute.
OK. I won't argue but it has been discussed before and it was determined it did not help.
I upgraded my memory to a 16GB class 2 and it never made a bit of difference from what I saw. It was a fast class 2 which gave speeds similar to class 4 (detailed in another post) and I think I just wasted my time and would have been better with an external card.
My upgraded internal microSDHC 8Gig card made my Novel MUCH Faster (at copying files to the PD_Novel drive in windows) lol.. but um no measurable performance otherwise.
What numbers did people report for improved performance? Also, card class only relates to write speed.
It is a placebo affect. The internal sd card is just a repository for pdn native apps. Externally installed apps cannot even see it normally. It does nothing to speed up performance.
The moment my browsing cache of 4-6 tabs in xScope, or playing You/Freetube overspills on mSD (and where else?) I definitely need to feed my poor toy a better microSD. So, thanks, Joshua, it's a great step in the HW upgrades I keep a wishlist for this baby. Is there better, faster overall (not only "write") Classes than 6?.Benchmarking shouldn't be extremely difficult, to reveal the real, and not imaginary differences.Also please elaborate on detailed mSD cloning procedure, suppose I have an (m)SD USB reader with the WinXP, is it in FAT32? How do you care (if at all) about hidden files and stuff?I believe there's that pesky Padlock spyware from Google is hidden there, so twice a good work. Plus ban to rotate the device, also served by our K-GooGB, for all on GE/Market, to enjoy.Just kidding. However, this shows that we unwashed masses can at least be a sort of fertilizer to feed our greatest thinkers here.Thank you
I would bet my lunch money that the Dalvik cache is located on the internal SD card, and replacing it with a faster card is causing read/writes to the cache to be a lot faster. I think that's the main reason the PDN seems faster once you upgrade the internal card. It's also probably speeding up initial load times of programs residing on the internal card, as well as the initial loading of books and magazines.I upgraded mine to a Class-4 Toshiba 4GB micro SD card soon after I purchased my PDN, and it made a noticeable difference in how snappy my PDN performed.
We know where the dalvik cache is.EDIT: and I would like your lunch money please.EDIT 2: We also know no programs reside there.
Point to Clockworx.
So is there even a point to swapping out the internal card? I don't see myself needing more than 1 GB for the Novel's apps. Might be better off to have the 2 GB I stuck in there as an external?
Once we have the source, we will be able to make better use of the internal card. At this point, the external card is waaaaaaay more important.
Actually, I'm pretty sure we could use the internal card anyways. Just one of those many things that there is never time for ;)
[quote name='clockworx;38716]Actually' date=' I'm pretty sure we could use the internal card anyways. Just one of those many things that there is never time for ;)[/QUOTE'] yeah... "better use" though. If we get a clean 2.1 or 2.2 install without any of the pdn junk at all, we can use the internal card to its best purposes.
Well, what I was thinking was that you can partition a card, anyways. For a PDN firmware, we make 2 partitions, one PD_Novel for "traditional" use, and one formatted in a linux partition and mount /data there instead of the enternal partition. For a vanilla install, we just make 1 partition and use the whole thing for apps.
Could the /sdcard location be remounted to point to /PD_Novel/sdcard a folder residing on the internal card. The only reason i would want to do this is, alot of the apps I use place files on the SD card, cache files, config files (pandahome for one) etc.. This means I always need to have the sdcard in the slot, what happens if I boot without it? Take it our to load files onto, but then open the browser or change a setting on pandahome, then i HAVE to have the sdcard inserted.
This is probably a stupid question but "how did you get the top half of the back cover off? I have the bottom off but the top wont budge.." Please help?!!!
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