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Upgrade Problem

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Hello, i have problems with the upgrade, i follow all the instructions, and the software for flash givme an error, and now the device is dead, when i try to start the device this doesnt nothing and the (linux tux), doesnt appear, tis is the log of the program. (the windows machine still recognize the device)the log of RKAndroidTool v1.0 in Chinisse. all the software and the drive are provided by the saler.the device has a Moonse E7001.19:51:23 912 Image Thread Path(?USB#VID_071B&PID_3228#5&8D09482&0&1#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed})19:51:23 914 INFO:?? ?≤? ???∏19:51:23 920 ERROR:TestUnitReady failed,Errcode(-1)19:51:24 922 ERROR:TestUnitReady failed,Errcode(-1)19:51:25 924 ERROR:TestUnitReady failed,Errcode(-1)19:51:26 925 ERROR:≤? ???∏ ?∞?19:51:26 929 ERROR:Image Thread Failed19:51:26 930 ERROR:???? ?∞?please help me.Best Regards.update: i do this on a win vista, intel pentium dual core.
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If you are using vista or win 7, use compatible mode(windows xp) of update program,or use new update program that posted by Willo.
thanks, i used a win Vista. tomorrow i try on a xP machine..thanks.pd: exists a way to do this on a Mac OSX?
You can use VirtualBox for Mac and run a Windows from inside of the MacOS.
Could somebody please point me to the thread or download link of the update program posted by Willi? It's not on the above link.Thanks
I reckon it was RKAndroid, you can get it here remember this is only for Rockchip Apads.
[quote author=Steep link=topic=703.msg99116#msg99116 date=1291241119]
I reckon it was RKAndroid, you can get it here remember this is only for Rockchip Apads.


I guess its not for me coz i have A8 cortex freescale.
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