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Updated market fix

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Hey can someone post an updated market fix that Takes into account augen and Links updates? im guessing that the instructions on are outdated as they mention cache directory which i know was fixed with the last updates. Thanks.
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ok so i cleared out my augen and got the market working, if we can make this a sticky after its approved by the community that would be great..1. Copy the file (Update 2) from the link below to your SD card (either through usb or copy to your SD with an USB SD adaptor) from here: IF ALREADY MODDED -Backup your device (home icon while booting and do an nandroid Backup to SD)3. Reset Augen and Hold the BACK BUTTON, Do Links Update from here: After the window dissapears, hold the HOME BUTTON and Reset Device.5. choose WIPE DATA twice, Choose WIPE CACHE Twice6. Install From SD Card (if you have an erreor accessing the SD card, remove and re-instert it)7. Install Google SDK, when asked what packages to install, choose SDK Platform 2.0, API 5 (Obsolete). Download and install8. Go to virtual devices, click new, name it Android, Target -> Android 2.0, api5 and click Create AVD9. After creating go to your android-sdk_r06-windowsandroid-sdk-windowsplatformsandroid-5images dir and overwrite the System.img with the one below: Shanghai Android Laboratory: ( go back to your Android SDK and AVD Manager, and in Vitrual Devices, choose the AVD named android and choose Start. the emulator will open11. skip at the config screen, when the device opend to the main scree, open market.12. put in your information and accept the EULA, the market should open and go away.13. open command prompt14. go to your android-sdk_r06-windowsandroid-sdk-windowstools and run the below command (your tablet must be disconnected): adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "select * from meta";15. A code will come up. save the code, close the emulator. plug your augen back in16. type this into your command prompt: adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "update meta set intvalue='AndroidID_from_emulator' where name='androidId'"; (replace AndroidID_from_emulator with the AndroidID we generated from the Emulator)17. Reset device. DONE!!!!im dead from a crazy day at work so if someone wants to clean it up, please do.LINKS for more detailed info:[gentouch78]-2.html#post36126 Android Market on Emulator&limit=20
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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