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Unknown model - after firmware upgrade won't boot

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This is my first post on the forum, so "Hi" for all :)I got as a gift unknown model od "ePad" and because it worked slowly and did notplay avi, YT I made decission to upgrade it. I searched forum what is the model, andbecause it looks like Flytouch I upgraded it with firmware dedicated for Flytouch.After successful upgrade ePad boots but starts in the loop (start/reboot/start/reboot...etc.).I tried to upgrade with many firmwares (EKEN 1,2, 1.8 etc.) always with success but is the same situation (start/reboot..)Could You help me ? Did I brick my ePad ?Please see the attached photos of my my english is not very well ;) but I hope that u understood me
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Looks like you have an Apad.. also called an iRobot, you should try this forum: aPad Android Tablet Discussion --Quite a few roms out there for that model.. Good Luck!
looks like my epad but we can't tell without actually seeing the actual specs. Does yours boot up into a blank screen or do u see a logo at any time?Previously before upgrading what logo would show when up booted up?
I think that only box is named aPad :)When ePad works I only found in menu that it has 25RMB ram and android 1.6 with firmware 1.7.2 dirty. But it worked realy slow :(When it works boot starts with robot logoe, next with only name "android" and after that load dekstop. Now it only boot with robot logo and at the bottom with something like "progress bar" (and message Android version 1.6. kernel version 2.6.29 and WMT SDK version 1.7.2). But nothing else. When I updgraded,all messages were "OK" and all upgrade end with message "please remove SD card"
sounds exactly what I have. What worked for me is the factory 1.8.2 from Flytouch/Gomescript1.8.rar - 115网络U盘-我的网盘|免费网络硬盘
Seem like an apad or an m70003. Im not quite sure though.
but both apad and m70003 have usb slots (and I'm not sure 128MB) - my has only ext port. I just downloaded 1.8.2 from link posted above, but upgrade doesn't start
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just to confirm, you are extracting the script folder onto the root of your SD card correct?The script folder must be uncompressed on the SD card. That should get the upgrade started. If it doesn't u should take a look at restoring to factory.
[quote name='piekara73;30070]but both apad and m70003 have usb slots (and I'm not sure 128MB) - my has only ext port. I just downloaded 1.8.2 from link posted above' date=' but upgrade doesn't start [IMG]<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif[/IMG][/QUOTE'] Did you try eken's m002 firmware too?
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this is an epad, see the propietary connector
I tried imo all what I found - I will try upgrade with m003 firmware. Maybe something wrong is with this epad from the begining.
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so, still no success
flash is ok, "please remove SD card" and after that i get android logo, "progres bar" and imo booting freeze.thanks for Your help, unfortunately it looks like my ePad died
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its not dead. u just have to flash it with the correct firmware. everytime I flashed it with the incorrect firmware I would get the constant progress bar.
yeah, but which is correct, it is a question. I suppose that it is kind of epad clone and required dedicated firmware.
May be you can try to flash with the original firmware first (first confirm your device type is ePad or .....) then upgarde to the latest firmware.Just my thot and that's I will try for now......
Try the original 1.8.2 Flytouch/Gome firmware. It worked perfectly for mine and like yours mine was the one that boot with the Android Robot1.8.2 Flytouch/Gome firmware
I am having the same bad experience you described, cannot find any firmware that gets past the frozen boot logo, except for Eken M002, which appears to be able to boot up, but goes black after that as presumably it has the wrong video driver.Please share your solution if you found one.
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