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Hi guys,Got my m001 a couple days ago and everything has been running as expected. Updated firmware to slatedroid version, wasn't liking it so much so I switched to official eken 1.7.4. Everything carried on working, had a few problems with the app market but from what I can see that's ongoing and I have a workaround anyways.Basically, I added some music, couple ebooks and an episode of Family Guy (3gp, medium bit rate) and it worked with expected lagging on the picture. Well I left it on charge for about an hour, went back and every time I try to access something on my SD card, except my ebooks, my apps encounter an ''unexpected error'' and I have to force close. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? It's really starting to p... me off. Thanks!(Sorry if this has already been posted, I had a good search and haven't been able to find anything)
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