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Unboxing a Eken M003

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Just bought a Eken M003 from Paandawill, Dealextreme was sold out. Was glad to find this site. Wondering what should I do first when I receive it? Update firmware, flash something whatever. I need help from you guys.
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Do not attempt to update firmware. There isn't anything working yet to update with. Install SlideMe onto it for appplications.
Aye, the SlideMe bit is the best part of news I've heard for the M003 yet.
Thankd for the quick response. This SlideMe app can i get it through Google Market? Also are apps installed on the SD card or internal memory if any?
Google market doesnt work because this is not an official Google product. you can load up programs to install by searching for APK. you put APKs on the microSD and install them using the file manager.This pad is great for books and surfing the web, and programs that arent a strain on the processor.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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