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Unable to add custom online catalogs in Aldiko

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Anyone else confirm no "custom catalog" button in Aldiko?I'm running a Calibre content server and can't add it in because I only get the option for "Home."7/24 FW (wifi works great, btw and I don't use B&N app), with PandaHome.Of course I can add books manually with the import function, but when you're adding 20-30 books at a time, things get a little... unwieldy. I can't say for sure that it will change with access to the CCS, but it's my wife's device and my wife's massive collection of books, and if she can get her own books without having to come ask me to transfer them manually... well that makes us both happy campers.
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I just checked on mine and the custom catalog button is there. Have you tried reinstalling Aldiko?
I have. Both using the .apk and through SlideME. :confused:
It's missing for me as well. I installed Aldiko using the kit prepared by Nate the Great. That .apk was an older version (1.2.2). I haven't done the Marketplace hack yet so I haven't updated Aldiko.For comparison, Aldiko on my HTC Hero is version 1.2.11 and it has the feature. Custom Catalogs was added in 1.2.7.Alva
Maybe that's my problem. I too used the .apk provided by Nate the Great and I think the version available through SlideME may have been 1.2.2 as well. I'll have to double-check that. Thanks for the info!
Get Aldiko_v1.2.12 from the repository in my sig.......
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