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Ok, I believe I have created the ultimate archive of APK files for the Novel. For now, I am just going to go ahead and host these on my website here in the folders as shown below.If you want the full archive, just download the entire zip file.I have tested many of these, but not all. Please let me know if there are any that just don't work. I will host this as long as I can until bandwidth becomes an issue, so feel free to repost and help spread the joy!

app tools
  • Advanced_Task_Killer.apk
  • AppMonster_0.7.0.apk
  • AppsOrganizer1.5.2.apk
  • sam2.apk
  • dolphin_browser.apk
  • Opera Mini 5.1.apk
  • Skyfire 2.2.0.apk
  • Skyfire_2.0.2.apk
  • Better Alarm Clock - Free 2.6.apk
  • DeskClock.apk
  • Aldiko 1.2.12.apk
  • aldiko.apk (old version, 1.2.0?)
  • beamreader.apk
  • Paperdroid-v114.apk
file utilities
  • ASTRO 2.5.2.apk
  • BlackmoonAttachSaveLite2.0.apk
  • Dropbox
  • EStrongs_File_Explorer_1.3.5.0.apk
  • ActionPotato_1.0.1.apk
  • AirAttack_2.3.apk
  • Android LightSaber 1.3.apk
  • Bebbled_2.14.apk
  • Blow_Up_(LITE)_1.3.0.apk
  • Checkers 2.3.2.apk
  • Chess 2.2.2.apk
  • Display_Shot_2.2.6.apk
  • Dungeon Wonders Lite
  • Flight Director (LITE) 1.5.6.apk
  • Flight_Director_(LITE)_1.5.1.apk
  • GameCenter 1.1.7.apk
  • GemMagic_Lite 1.1.19.apk
  • LED Scroller 1.5.apk
  • LED Scroller 3 3.6.apk
  • LineUp_1.0.6.apk
  • PapaStacker(LITE)_1.3.1.apk
  • Replica Island 1.3.apk
  • Reversi 2.3.1.apk
  • Shoot_U(Lite)_1.3.5.apk
  • Solitaire_v1.2.0.apk
  • Trivial_Droid_1.2.8.apk
  • Video_Poker_-_Jacks_or_Better_1.0.7a.apk
  • Word_Frenzy_Free_1.0.4.apk
  • Word_Mix_Lite_1.5.1.apk
  • WordSearch_1.8.6.apk
  • wordup.apk
  • WordWrench_Lite_4.5.582.apk
  • Yz_Free_1.4.2.apk
  • adw.launcher.apk
  • HelixLauncher 1.2a.apk
  • Home Switcher.apk
  • LauncherPro-
  • openhome2.v4.9.2.apk
  • pandahome_v1.90.apk
media players
  • doubleTwist 1.0.1.apk
  • XiiaLive Lite 2.1.0.apk
office and productivity
  • Adobe Reader 9.0.1.apk
  • Astrid Tasks 2.14.3.apk
  • Office_Suite_Pro.apk
  • Talk To Me 1.7.9.apk
social and web
  • [TFLN]_1.6.1.apk
  • com.nextmobileweb.phoneflix-v14.apk
  • eBay_1.1.0.21.apk
  • Engadget.apk
  • Facebook.apk
  • FMyLife_Official_2.2.apk
  • IMDb_1.0.apk
  • pandora.apk
  • QueueMan_Donate_r138_0.9.9.1.apk
  • Seesmic 1.4.apk
  • Seesmic.apk
  • WikiMobile_1.22.apk
  • wootCheck_Lite_1.9.9.2.apk
  • YahooMail 1.0.1.apk
  • YouTube.apk
  • King Of The Hill Soundboard 1.1.apk
  • Mario Soundboard 1.8.4 - Bu.apk
  • Old Man Herbert Soundboard 6.0.apk
  • Peter Griffin Soundboard 7.0.apk
  • Reservoir Dogs Soundboard 1.0.apk
  • Samuel Jackson Soundboard 1.1.apk
  • Towelie Soundboard and Ringtones 1.0.10.apk
  • Twilight Princess Soundboard I 2.0.1.apk
  • Zelda Soundboard Ocarina Edition 2.0.0.apk
system tools
  • Android_Sys_Info.apk
  • android-titlebar.apk
  • gallery.apk
  • Google Map Address Book 2.1.apk
  • google_maps.apk
  • No Lock 1.03.apk
  • Quick_Uninstaller_2.3.0.apk
  • quickboot31.apk
  • setcpu_2.01.apk
  • wifi_analyzer.apk
  • WiFinder 1.5.apk
  • Battery_Widget_1.6.6.apk
  • BatteryLife_v1.3.2.apk
  • BrightnessLevel_v1.0.0.apk
  • com.smartandroidapps.audiowidget-v210.apk
  • SilentModeOnOff_v1.5.1.apk
  • WiFiOnOff_v2.0.0.apk

Edited 3/26/11 (format fixes) Please report any broken links or additional mistakes. Thanks, -MrsB

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xxcalibur said:
i have about 1000 apps so far archived i plan on testing alot once i hack my unit in a few hours. if people need certain ones tested i can most likely do some testing if need be
Read that closely... 1000 apks BEFORE he has any use for them...Do a spreadsheet on compatability or something, and post it.

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That is great! Thank you for making those available for the people here.Someone mentioned bandwidth for your website, if that does become an issue, you might consider a site like,files are easy to manage, and it won't cost you even a penny in hosting those files.For the person with the big list of apps for future testing, thanks!With that good work put in, we'll have a lot more apps available for all of us.My EKEN is in a mid-build, was testing out another firmware, so it will give me a chance to try out a few new apps too.I'll get some of the apps I use loaded onto my 4shared account soon,and will post the links, you good folks inspired me.

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relax. We're all addicts here.
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FYI...I removed a few apps that I figured out didn't work or had expired (ASTRO and Blackmoon file browsers). I recommend the Estrong File browser as a replacement if you need one.Also, if anyone finds any apps that don't work on the Novel, please let me know and I will try to keep the list updated with only working/updated apps. I highly recommend the Apps Organizer posted by SpinControl above once you start installing a lot of apps. It lets you add widgets to your home screens with custom lists of apps. Very cool! Thanks SC!

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Updating post/website to remove some non-working and expired apps and also adding many new and updated versions of apps.Among the additions are some fun soundboards as well as updated versions of the following:- Aldiko- Astro- Seesmic- Skyfire- a few games (Flight Director, Gem magic, etc.)Some of these updated versions may not work on the Novel, so for now I am leaving the existing versions available as well. please report any problems/non-working apps so I can keep the list up to date.

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Thanks very much for the links and download! My wife mentioned getting the PD for me as a birthday gift. She works at a BB&B and can get one very cheap right now ($60 after rebate!). I was a little hesitant because I never heard of it, but after finding these forums and seeing some of what the device is capable of, I'm pretty excited to get it in my hands tomorrow

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Blackmoon file browser worked fine for me, except if i had an SD card in then it would keep looping "importing or scanning card"

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BiPolarBear said:
FYI...I removed a few apps that I figured out didn't work or had expired (ASTRO and Blackmoon file browsers). I recommend the Estrong File browser as a replacement if you need one.
I'm a novice at this but although the ASTRO app was expired, it still continued to function after waiting for the nag screen.It performed one very useful function for me. In the prefs, it allowed 3 icons to be installed onto the home screen. App Mgr, Processes and SD Card.App Mgr would allow me to easily backup and install apps to/from the SD card as well as uninstall apps.Perhaps there's a better way but for an Android novice I found this very convenient.

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nchntrman said:
Blackmoon file browser worked fine for me except if i had an SD card in then it would keep looping "importing or scanning card"
Yeah, same here. And it wasn't very easy to get it to stop, so I figured I'd save others the frustration, especially since there are a few other options that are better (ASTRO & EStrong).
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