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Wondering where's best, and most reliable, to order an M001 from?I've seen some on Amazon and some on ebay. Descriptions on both sites appear to differ from one seller to another. For example, on Amazon there's one listed as a JSM M001 - Now is this as reliable a source as an Eken M001? Also, there are a number of, what appear to be, unbranded ones. Can I expect the same hardware, simply without a brand stuck on it? Or should I be dubious of anything non-Eken?Any advice much appreciated.
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Hi Brussells, my experience is that i checked out a few places and i purposely got mine from a seller on the Amazon market place 'Moto Sonic'. The one i got was a JSM M001 which is not a branded one as it does not have 'EKEN' anywhere on it. I got it from amazon because of the payment protection and i knew there would be no chance of a nasty surprise from customs. As for the M001 itself i've had it a month now, it is still working flawlessly after being used continuously every day which includes being hijacked by my 5 year old daughter.
I bought mine from Deal Extreme. Granted they are in China, but I got it for less than ?60, delivered and had a wait of only 9 days.
I have never used them but firends have used Hardware Heroes
shp;45654 said:
I have never used them but firends have used Hardware Heroes
They are VERY good and very quick too!They also have an engineer who fixes tablets - have had to use him a couple of times when my deliveries from China have arrived faulty or with broken screensNo1. Dropshiper With Free Delivery.. - Hardware HEROES
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