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UK based sellers?

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I see a lot of the sites to buy android tablets are based in north america and hong kong, living in the UK I'd rather buy from a UK based company to save the hassle of import duties etc. Does anyone have any recommendations apart from ebay?Or is it easier buying off these sites and just paying the duties etc?
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check the
although they haven't got much variety i'm after a whitstech, guess i'll keep looking.
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[quote name='niko86;49025]thanks [IMG]<#EMO_DIR#>/smiley.gif[/IMG] although they haven't got much variety i'm after a whitstech' date=' guess i'll keep looking.[/QUOTE'] I hope to bringing some in from China in next week or two so watch out on ebay UK. They will be priced around the ?170 mark and will be cheapest in UK, fully tested and with some free apps already installed. Android 2.2 and flash 10.1.
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