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Ugly hack to working market

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Hi all, I found that the Market and Google Talk will work fine if you put in an Android ID yourself. Apparently that was the only issue.
For those of you who already have other android devices, you can get your android ID by doing the command.

1. X devices:adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "select * from meta";
2. X devices:adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "select * from meta";

You'll get a readout with a line that looks likeandroidId||27283232........38434 (a big number) That last number beginning after the bar is your android ID.
If you DONT have an Android device, you can create an Android ID on the 1.6 Emulator by following the directions here: How To Enable the Android Market in the Google Android Emulator - How-To Geek
and then running the 1.X adb code above to get your Android ID.

Once you have your Android ID, run this command with your novel connected (be sure the emulator is shut down and no other devices are connected)
adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/
"update meta set intvalue='ANDROID_ID_HERE' where name='androidId'"; where you've replaced ANDROID_ID_HERE with whatever your real Android ID is.
You can run the 2.X command above to ensure it worked. Reboot, and you should hopefully have working google talk and Market. (and no, you can't have mine)
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Thanks clockworx ...You r Gr8 !!! It worked like charm.For Guys it's not working or having issues.

1.) Download the android SDK and install it.
2.) Then create a virtual emu for Android 1.6 and then close the android emulator.
3.) Then install the "system.img" file from:
4.) Then on windows run box type :%userprofile%/.android/avd This will open a file explorer in that folder. Then copy the system.img file downloaded in step 3 there.
5.) Now start the android emulator again and start the virtual dev for 1.6 (created in step 2).
6.) Then create/sign with google account.
7.) Now on PC open the cmd prompt and go to SDK folder/toolsNow type following commands:> adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "select * from meta";This will give you a number :androidId||<number> ...this number is your ID
8.) Now close the android emulator completely (Keep the CMD prompt window open if possible) and then connect your PDN.
9.) Now run : adb devices (to check only PDN is connected)
10.) Now run:adb shell sqlite3 /data/data/ "update meta set intvalue='number_from_previous_commands' where name='androidId'";
11.) then disconnect PDN and reboot.

That's it are good to go !!!!!Once again THANKS to "clockworx" !!!!

Edited 3/26/11 (format fixes) Please report any broken links or additional mistakes. Thanks, -MrsB
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Use your mouse for scrolling in will little slow, but works !!
edit_text,Which version of setCPU you are using.I'm using setCPu2.0.1 and it is working great issues at all with google experience.
betolley,This means that you haven't done the androidId hack which clockworx mentioned.Were you able to get the androidId from emulator and confirmed it was a non-zero number ?
ibulucea said:
How did you get past the "need to slide the keyboard to unlock" message?
Press Cntrl F11 on emulator keyboard
TMinn said:
I think I figured out the problem - I only had a few mb storage for apps left. When I would delete one I could download another. Is there really only a bit over 200 mb for apps? I put in a new 4gb microsd and have a 4gb sd external. Is there somewhere else to put most of these files?
USe following command to install app on SDcard instead of internal memoryadb -s install <apk file>
rspray said:
I run the emulator type in the first command, and it doesn't display anything but the command prompt again. Ideas?
What command you ran and where (on the emulator or on PC) ?I assume you have created virtual device for 1.6 version as mentioned ...
pokermagic said:
What do you mean doing it against the emulator? i bring up a cmd prompt and direct it to the folder where the emulator .exe was started. I assume thats what you mean. I have logged into my google account in the emulator. I did not go to the marketplace in the emulator though.I hope this is descriptive enough.
What clockworx means is that you are doing all this after starting the android emulator(Meaning you can see the Android Phone and Homescreen in the emulator)
TedEBearNC said:
This is as far as I get. When I run the command it says there is no device found exactly the same when I was trying to use it with my phone. I had the emulator running and could connect to and download from the market but it isn't recognized by adb.
Did you run the adb from the "tools" folder.Also could you run the following command and see if it finds any device:adb devices
TedEBearNC said:
Yes when I run the command I cd to the tools directory and run it from there. When I run 'adb devices' it says "List of devices attached" but there is nothing in the list.
Try these commands and check if it shows up:adb kill-serveradb devices
rspray said:
I have access now but my none of my downloads are progressing. I'm restarted a couple times with no avail.
I have seen this issue one time. Few things :
1) on PDN are you using the same gmail account with which you generated the Id on android emulator, if not then that is the problem. You have to use same email id at both the places. I can't guarantee , but I also saw this happening initially when I used different accounts.
TedEBearNC said:
OK I was finally able to get it to work and got the ID and got the market working on the PDN.
Thanks for the help!
Now, I have one other question.

When I go in the market and browse... Apps, Games.. whatever.. when I choose a category like "Top Free" I get a small list of available items. Unlike my phone, this list doesn't not populate any further when you try to scroll down so all you ever see is the first 10 or so it initially shows you. Anyone else have this problem?
I also see this issue, to overcome this download "appbrain market" from android market and in that then sign in using same google id and there you will able to see more apps and install it also.
ibap said:
There's a link to 4shared that has been given several times to get a system.img file but when you go there, it says the link isn't valid. If you search for system.img, you get a bunch of files. Any idea which one works for 1.6, 2.2 ?
I uploaded a mirror for you and it is here:[link broken]
dirtysoxxs said:
I have a question anyone seen this before I downloaded everything and copied the files and when I open the Emulator Virtal devices the AmdEmu has failed with the following errorPath: C:UsersDefault.Default-PCandroidavdAndEmu.avdError: Unknown target 'android-3' in C:UsersDefault.Default-PCandroidavdAndEmu.ini
You have to open the AndEmu.ini file in "Notepad" and edit the PAth :C:Users<your PCusername>androidavdAndEmu.ini
lawman said:
... this is insane. No dice. I still don't have market on the emu. I enter the command string from page 1 and get no output. I do have sqlite3 in the directory listing. I even tried installing the google android experience package we have on the site to see if that would put the market on so I could get an id. Nothing. Thoughts?

Did you create the 1.6 virtual device in android emulator, if yes then first copy the system.img file in the following folder and then start emulator again.
C:(your path to .android)avd(name you gave the emulator)
(C is presumed to be drive but you have to use drive you installed sdk on. Don't type the parenthesis.)
If there is already a system image file overwrite it.Link to download system image.
chacal_0x said:
Hi I'm crazy with this market install.I have the same problem that the other users. All is ok excepts I can't download.I've thougth that could be the Id. At first i got a id like 2543534932886 (for example) and I only take the 6 to change the Id. This is all right? Because I'm not sure if i have to take all the long number or only the last one.The problem is that I was wrong with the android ID I didn't write the complete number when I saw and now I've lost it.Could it be this problem or could be other thing? I've typed the second command and say me that my ID is 6 (not zero), I've cleared my market cache, I've restarted my machine several times, and I can join to the market but I can't download nothing. I'm not sure if google talks works because I've never use this service and I'm not friends added to test if works, I only have a google account and I can join to the app and change my online status, this is all I can see.If anyone knows how to solve it will be very helpful.Sorry for my english
chacal_0xYou need the full number and not just the last digit.Don't worry, You can get the number again from the android emulator, just follow the instructions above in this post (follow from after the emulator is installed).
hello-world said:
Hi I just joined the party, and right now I'm stuck at the first step trying to get an android-ID fromthe 1.6 emulator. <...SNIP...>Sorry for being soooooooooo slow, and many thanks for your help.
I think you don't have the system.img file for 1.6 properly installed.
Follow these:

make sure you download the system.img and copy it to the AVD profile directory
3) Then install (copy) the "system.img" file - free file sharing and storage
4) Then on windows run box type :%userprofile%/.android/avd/<yourvirtualdevicename>.avd
This will open a file explorer in that folder. Then copy the system.img file downloaded in step 3 there.
5) Now start the android emulator again and start the <yourvirtualdevicename> for 1.6 You could also refer to this thread:
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