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Just like to thank LUCP..I've been following this thread and others on the net about upgrading my m70007t wm8650 green led..i've tried a number of upgrades some worked some didnt..touch-pad..sound etc and 3g finding hard to connect..Till now..the last upgrade before this last one i'm on at the moment..everything snappy..txs.
I bought this cheap from ########### last yr and it was useless.I know nothing about pcs and got it to watch you-tube films on etc whilst camping etc..with a view of being easy to re-charge using one of the latest monochrystaline solar panels..Course,learning that flashplayer and what it did was gonna be a problem too..but this seems to be ok now with this fix..I can stay out for months now,12v sla battery being charge via solar,then a multi-voltage charger set at 9volts charges the tablet...Rock on 5*'s to lucp..cheers.
Oh i use the dolphin hd browser then view the youtubes via skyfire browser,3 screen settings,leave it on 1:1 ration for a few mins the up to full widescreen..Grrrreat!!!hats off!

Ps any more fixes or upgrades? keep up the great work..txs
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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