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Hello guys

I got a WeTransfer download link to firmware sent to me by Amy at PiPo.
It is called update_DS973H-中性-3G-带蓝牙.img
Note the words DS973H in the name. That model is not even a rockchip 3066 based machine, though there is a P973 which IS 3066.

Then on the PiPo support page, you can download (with a lot of luck) the firmware listed for the M2, and that is called PIPO_M2_3G_120924

They are both 4.1.1, and both work on the M2. I did not test the P973 for long as I assumed since it is older, it would be more buggy... so I am back to the 20120924 build.

See screenshots here:

older one:

newer one
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