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I haven't bought from that store you mentioned,when it came time for me to buy my EKEN M001, I went on, figured it would be more trustworthy,the seller I bought from wasn't exactly the best, slow to ship, lowered the price before they had shipped,when I asked them about it, they said my order had been shipped, then immediately went to change status of order.When I say immediately, it was within minutes, order was showing Pending before they replied,showed Shipped right after. They offered me a screen saver because of the price drop, never sent it, no replies to messages.From this site, you know what is real about EKEN specs, you can use that knowledge to make a purchase from even EBay,knowing if the seller is adjusting item specs to make it look like something it's not, if they do that, then they might not be trustworthy,or were simply copying their specs from another seller. It's a shame a chain store doesn't sell the EKEN, would sure make it easy,imagine if WalMart sold them, there is one of their stores in so many locations, would be as easy as taking a 5 minute drive to buy.I might send a message to WalMart making that suggestion.Good luck on your purchase.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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