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Build Construction:
Solid construction with minimilistic approach. No buttons on front or right/bottom of bezel. Buttons click nicely, rather heavy but gives a solid feeling. Metal backing which is good from quality standpoint, but may interfer with WiFi signal
Rating 7/10

Decent screen (for $100) with adequate viewing angles. I don't believe this is an IPS screen and viewing angles suffer once one goes past 45 degrees. However, my current tablet (Archos G9
) boasts a MVA panel, and this screen's viewing angles are better. Contrast is okay. Brightness is nothing to write home about.
Rating 7/10

Pretty snappy with stock launcher however did notice appreciable slow down when running a live wallpaper. Past experience with China pads lead me to believe that firmware released with products are buggy and non-optimized. I have seen much worse firmware attempts in my experience so it's possible with a adequate ROM, this thing might do very well.
Rating: 7/10

Loaded up some mp3s: it's nice that there are dual speakers however sound is tinny and the volume low due to the location and quality of the speakers (on the right side bezel) Also, due to the speaker location, they can be easily covered up when holding the tablet in landscape mode. Loaded on a short 1080P m2ts video and did not notice lag.
Rating: 5/10

Works well. Getting signal strength better than other tablets with metal backings (router on opposite side of house give signal strength of -55db
Rating 9/10

Benchmark scores:
Antutu Benchmarks:
CPU: 795
GPU: 1635
RAM: 535
I/O: 323

Total Score: 3288

Total: 2037
CPU: 1278
Memory: 3965
I/O: 2951
2D Graphics: 590
3D Graphics: 1400

Single Thread MFLOPS: 10.662
Multi Thread MFLOPS: 12.42

On right side:
Dual speakers
USBHost (micro USB)
HDMI (mini)
Power in
Power button

On top:
Back button
Volume Rocker

On left, bottom and front:
No buttons

On back
Reset button

For the money a decent tablet for casual reading, surfing and video viewing. If the kids break it, you're only out $100 (if you can get it at this price). It's nice that it comes with 1GB of memory and dual speakers. Screen quality is decent, but it is not a IPS screen. It's not going to compete with the "big boys" but then again it's $100 and for that, I think this tablet is a steal. Hopefully CWM will come out for this soon and we can get some nice ROMS on this.

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