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Touchscreen working great for weeks and now buggy and erratic.

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Has anyone else experienced their touchscreen having excellent response and precision for weeks, then one day it becomes completely unusable like other users who have received buggy touchscreens direct from the vendor? I now have the same symptoms, extremely jumpy screen, unresponsive when tapping an icon, etc... we've heard this all before many times. I've flashed every available ROM released to date starting from 827 all the way back to 804. Not a software issue as far as I can tell, unless somehow the screen became uncalibrated.Also a question to the people with the jumpy screens already. What ways have you found to deal with it so it continues to be a usable device?Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.
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I had the same issue. The screen was very jittery and holding by the corners of the devices would send random keystrokes. I was sure it was a hardware issue, until I noticed that the issue always happened during or after playing Sudoku Challenge. I uninstalled a lot of start-up programs and have been limiting the number of open programs - the issue hasn't happened yet today. It could be a coincidence and there is a loose connection somewhere or it could be software incompatibilities...Not much help, but I wanted to let you know you aren't the only one.
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