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Touchscreen working great for weeks and now buggy and erratic.

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Has anyone else experienced their touchscreen having excellent response and precision for weeks, then one day it becomes completely unusable like other users who have received buggy touchscreens direct from the vendor? I now have the same symptoms, extremely jumpy screen, unresponsive when tapping an icon, etc... we've heard this all before many times. I've flashed every available ROM released to date starting from 827 all the way back to 804. Not a software issue as far as I can tell, unless somehow the screen became uncalibrated.Also a question to the people with the jumpy screens already. What ways have you found to deal with it so it continues to be a usable device?Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.
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lanosalf;48245 said:
Hi:Does this "jumpy" screen start after you flash to the 827 rom?Or it simply start being erratic and then you flash to the last rom 827 for an attempt to correct it?Or you was using the last rom 827 with no problems and suddenly the screen became erratic?thanks
It actually started being erratic after I flashed to 827 to test, then I went back to 818 to get market back. It was after the market fix that things went crazy.I also use autokiller on strict, sadly it didn't help.Here's a question, when installing the market, at the point where you have to touch the four corners of the screen, is that a screen calibration process?
That was a good idea.I flashed WinCE, screen response is perfect but what a horrible OS to use! I then re-flashed the latest Android and the screen is still buggy. I mostly use it for reading comics and I'm still able to do that as it is,but web surfing and trying to tap an icon is just too infuriating.Hopefully a future ROM will fix the issue. I'll just have to wait and see I guess since it doesn't seem to be hardware related.
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