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Touchscreen scrolling: an exercise in insanity?

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I'm curious -- how are you all getting along with your touchscreen? Tapping is pretty good (although "e" and "w" on the keyboard in landscape mode requires more pressure), but scrolling is very difficult for me. For example when I tried to change the time zone, it kept selecting the first thing I put my finger on instead of sensing that I was starting to scroll. This pretty much happens every time I try to scroll. I'd say I'm averaging one in seven on getting it to work correctly.The calibration feature is great -- for taps. I realize this is a $100 device and it's a resistive touchscreen, but yikes!Anyone having similar results?
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I've had the same issue. Typing is pretty poor too. I've just learnt to settle with how it is, it'll never be a great touchscreen.
I think it takes time to get used to these touchscreens. They're nowhere near as smooth as most modern devices that we're used to, especially something like an iPhone or iPod Touch (which IMO has one of the best touchscreen experiences ever).After a bit of time, you kinda get used to it and the tapping and scrolling isn't too bad.
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