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Top Working Apps/Games for ZT-180

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I noticed that some apps work with the ZT-180, and some other apps won't run or crashTherefore i decided to ask everybody to contribute by giving us a list of the best working Apps/Games for ZT-180, like the best browser, best video player best 3d arcade game etc..waiting for everybody
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installed and working on mine..
foxy editor
msntalk pro
awesome drop
tunein radio

Games fullscreen
pocket god
evac hd
minisquadron (difficult to control )
chessgenius pro
crusade of destiny (slow)
4player reactor
bonsai blast


frodo64, tiger gbc, tiger arcade, snesoid, gameboid,gensoid... all working full speed
now i'm testing psx4droid and i will tell how it works and if it works!!
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[quote author=Reimar (pisthai) link=topic=4665.msg105147#msg105147 date=1292927783]
That I've to checkout. I own the X-Plane 9 and run on PC.

Question is: what's about the scenery? And how big is the install files?

Didn't work on my ZT180. Maybe it will run on Froyo only?!

Any info? Thanks.
game called cargo hd has a benchmark mode and the zt180 getz 27/100 compared to a nexus which gets 100

also nice 3dpool game called anytime pool that renders and all thhat. Lets you play for a bit. Then crash

Also Gemrb lets you play pc gmes like baldurs gate 2
free heroes (heroes of might and magic2) works perfectly
ADWLauncher EX looks pretty nice.  How does it compare speed wise to Zeam or other launchers?  One of the first things I will be doing with my new tablet after rooting it will be instaling a new launcher.
i have been browsing for a while. my wifes zt-180 came in yesterday. The one game i was glad to see work is Robo Defense. Its a very addictive defense game i play on my Droid X. there is a free and a paid version.

I am going to find out a few more once i play around with it a bit more.

I def suggest Robo Defense
I like the updated street view for google maps, dragging the little stick figure is a lot cooler than clicking on arrows......

(But now, on the 0113 Beta, regular google maps (Maps_v5.0.0.apk) doesn't seem to render the whole map when completely zoomed out in both satellite and regular map mode
, think it was working on the 1204, may need to flash back to the 1204 system.img)......
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I like Androidify.....

Me as an Android:
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Hmmm is it me or am I losing my mind?  How you going to play an emulator like SNES or Genesis on this tablet and it is not multi touch?  How you do an uppercut in streetfighter?
Just installed Act1 Video Player, It works great and plays all the video format I fed it with so far. MKV XVID DIVX etc.
Also if you have problems with market, I would recomend to install applanet. There you will find all the apps missing from the market....
And Wifi Explorer is great. Then you don't have to unmount the sd card every time you want to copy a small file from the computer.
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