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I have the 827 ROM with the v1.2 Buchner/RD market hack. The following aps are current version on today's date.All of these apps work full screen and without crashing and functionality works but may have a slight shift in the graphics:ESPN.apk (web version on internet, ESPN market version will not work "No Data")Dolphin HD BrowserCitrix Reciever (set resolution to fit screen and landscape only to avoid issues)TuneIn RadioThe Weather Channel (Occasionally FC at bootup without opening, not sure why, but works fine after)RealPlayer Beta from marketUSA Today (Portrait Only,All works except photo Gallery Causes FC)Ohio State FootballAt Bat '10 (MLB Scoring app, paid, will not show up in Market had to copy apk)Live Scores (Again does not show up in Market, had to copy apk)Yahoo Fantasy Football '10 (Portrait Only, slight graphics shift but functions 100%)JustPictures!Fandango (Copy apk, FC when you choose search from the red bar on right or tab on top) (Copy apk)MechanicsTouchLITEWave Blazer lite (one time froze on me)250+ Solitaire Collection
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