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Top Working Apps/Games for ZT-180

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I noticed that some apps work with the ZT-180, and some other apps won't run or crashTherefore i decided to ask everybody to contribute by giving us a list of the best working Apps/Games for ZT-180, like the best browser, best video player best 3d arcade game etc..waiting for everybody
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jprock;68534 said:
Plants vs Zombies Guitar Hero 5 m/Running nice in full screen.I suggest some directory to upload all the working apps...bad idea?
great idea.
[quote name='Karl0ss;80720]There is a forum on the page for such things' date=' as well as being able to add comments for each of the application posts, I will see about adding a ratings system...Thanks for the thanks :)Been working hard on adding the links for everybody...Sent from my p7901a using Tapatalk[/QUOTE'] thanks for the site, it looks great
1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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