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-Based on newer stock rom (1030)
-App partition is 2 GB
-Build.prop mod based on SGS II SGH-i777 for improved market
-Added Permission Files for improved market
-Removed Chinese Apps
-Added Video Editor, Asus Weather Widget, Genie Widget, and Signal Booster, root explorer, superSu, gallery with picasa support, docs2go, ESfile Explorer, english dictionary fix
-Changed Launcher to Jelly Bean one, should be smoother.
-Simplified and pretty boot animation
-Changed Annoying Keyboard Key-press sounds... now they are less annoying
-Default Background should be changed

Official Release 4 Firmware now available! Go to: , then click on the "firmware" button, then click "RKbatch" RK3066 Firmware Utility, Guide, & Firmware Images" and then finally click, "Yuandao N101 II Jelly Bean TNT Release 4 Firmware Image" to download the firmware image.

Also, the default home page for "browser" is set to our site's custom google search. You can change this if you like, or support free firmware releases from us by using it =).

Kind Regards,


PS - Like the work? If you see a google ad on my site that appeals to your interests, click on it and check it out. Please DON'T just click to click or be nice! But if you see something genuinely interesting, please do click as our freely provided firmware is in part supported by our site ads.

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I have a tablet it seem like N101 II all the specification are the same even the look of the device is the same i flash TNT R4 to my tablet and every thing work like the charm except the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cant make them wok , is there any solution for that please . the Wi-Fi chip is RK903 as i recall from the original room.
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