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I downloaded this to a XP netbook last night to the desktop,unzipped and moved the file to a 2 gb SD card.Stuck the card into the M001 expecting the upgrade to start and guess what??Nada,because I had forgotten the correct procedure to only copy the script folder.After doing this I reloaded the card and BINGO-upgrade started and finished without a single hitch.Lots of new stuff,icons,on the Desktop,( sorry ).Some of the subs within these folders actually are in the verbage lots of us old time Windows PC guys can understand.Course I lost some stuff but I'll go back and reload later.( ereaders and the like-no biggie.)Thanks to SlateDroid for making all of this possible for without this site no one,well common folk I guess, would know squat about these imported "Holy S**t" types of products.Bring on the price wars since competiton helps all of us consumers.Please continue to monitor our Asian,( can I say that? ) buddies and provide us with correct information as these products are about to boom at retail/internet sales.I appreciate you'all very much.Wow,all of this over a $99 purchase!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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