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theme/ comics help pls

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hi everyone im looking for a good weather widget some1 posted a nice one but no info what it was called a while ago.had large icons for sun rain etc.also i need a good desktop bg as the ones i try never fit full screen:(.i also need a comic viewer but i wud like marvel/dc if poss i love xmen/wolverine/batman lol.aldiko works brilliantly for books but does it have newer more contemporay books available?i like horror sci fi.i recently purchased a psp go and i love the way it displays comics but they cost about ?1 per chapter:( thanks in advance for any help guys:cool:
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Hi,download manga viewer from the market , its full of comics. also you could try downloading a CBR reader and then sourcing the comics yourself .any picture you have on your sd card can be resized by the tablet to fit across the 3 screens,aldiko uses the epub format there are millions of books in this format all over the net , you need to create a folder in th aldiko folder on your sd card and call it "import" , thats if its not already there, then drag your epub files to that folder , open up aldiko and press menu , select "import" from the menu, it will then add your new books to the library, hope this helps.
it certainly does help thanks.are cbr readers in marketplace? and do you know wer i could source some from still quite new to apad scene lol
Use the search button here, use Google and search "cbr" in the Market - lots of results, most thing in Market have demos
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