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Thanks for the info. I just stumbled across this site the other(long story via looking at Dingoo) day as well as discovering that the Chinese were actually shipping Android tablets and at reasonable prices(for what they are).I WAS interested in this Ramos W7 as soon as I saw it existed, but have since decided to wait a bit longer as it seems that Rockchip 2818 will eventually be out, and there also appear to be some Cortex A8 based tabled appearing now, although I really do want a smaller 7" size one as I think that 10" would be too large.Anyways... any chance of a little more detailed writeup on the W7? (I'm still considering ordering one or maybe have my brother-in-law pick one up when he's in China if he's going again soon...) The size of the W7 seems to be nice enough to keep it in the running, but OTOH it may be too small given what it looks like in the videos...[EDIT]I guess nevermind(well maybe not as I might still get one anyways for spite
) as I've decided to wait for a reliable Cortex A8 based tablet... although I might torture myself by picking up a Pandigital Novel(IF I can get it on sale for c. $120) in the intervening timeframe... shame that the W7 came out at such an awkward time and even more so if Android 2.2 + flash supports the Rockchip 2808A... oh well...[/EDIT]
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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