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To all looking into the Docking Port, USB, making a custom cable, and especially for those looking for Console Output. Bushings post says everything you need to know. There are other threads on the forum, but this was the one that worked for me. * To get started, let me suggest that you purchase a 30 pin iPod connector. I got mine from SparkFun, DEV-08295 for $15. * Donaldson presents the pinout for the Eken001 docking connector; this pinout differs from an actual iPod, review: * Notice that the iPod has its serial lines on pins 12 and 13. The Eken puts its elusive second USB port on these pins. * Thus, to acquire access to the serial lines, you need to remove the cover, and the single screw that holds the motherboard to the plastic case. On the back of the motherboard, look for the jumper, J17 has four pads. One is Ground, serial transmit, receive, and I'll talk about the fourth below. * Solder some wires such that they can exit underneath and around the SD card. There is clearance there, just be neat. * Bushing is precise in his use of a USB to TTL UART. Do not use your computer's built in serial port, attempt to build you own DB-9 cable on pins 2,3,5, etc. Your computer's serial port is buffered for real RS-232 voltages (12v to -12V if memory serves me correctly.) Whereas the USB UART works with the voltage inside you Eken. These UART coast $6 on eBay. * Assuming you use Linux, you USB UART will automatically be assigned to /dev/ttyUSB0 and assuming you use minicom as you terminal emulator, set the serial port, and connection parameters to 115200 8N1. Now, power up and the console should appear. * Hit a return after reboot and you will be at the command line prompt, with root access. * Now, hit the Reset button (it's next to the Docking Port on the motherboard) and immediately hit a return, you'll be at the U-Boot prompt.All of this is in Bushing and Donaldson's posts. I have just mentioned the really basic stuff is assumed most already know.That fourth pad: I connect an oscilloscope and there is a pulse train there. If other EE's need details...
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