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[quote name='donaldson;2397]bushingAwesome. How did you see it! I had totally discounted those lines for sure. Credit goes to you 'cause that is the second USB port. NOw tell me how you know (and more importantly) what else you know! Here's the update on the docking [URL=connector:pin]connector:pin[/URL] 1 & 2: groundpin 3: audio out rightpin 4: audio out leftpin 7: hmmmm connect to mb but no correlation to 9: 5vpin 10: 5v[b]pin 12: USB2 -datapin 13: USB2 +data[/b]pin 14 - 16: Groundpin 18: 3.3Vpin 23: 5V USBpin 25: USB -datapin 27: USB +datapin 29 & 30: groundpins 5' date=' 6, 8, 11, 17,19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28: NCMore info to follow once I find the camera.[/QUOTE']bumpeda question . is the 1 usb host and the other not? or both the same?and can i conclude that t he m002 2x usb and ethernet is a usb hub with integrated tj45 and so wil also work with the m001 because its al usb to ethernet? and not real ethernet on the M001 and M002?
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