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[quote author=donaldson link=topic=216.msg1832#msg1832 date=1274712623]...does not exist. After some extensive detective work, I can say with some certainty that although the processor may sport a second USB port (based on specifications), it's not been traced out onto the processor DDR2 board. If you look at the pic, you can see the WIFI port and the docking port. You are looking at only the D+ and D- lines. Each line comes out on two side-by-side pins. NOWHERE ELSE ON THE DDR2 PROCESSOR DO WE SEE THAT SIDE-BY-SIDE PIN CONFIGURATION. Meaning, unfortunately no other usb port. Sucks. Now someone is going to ask how I figured those pins out - I did continuity checks with a multimeter tracing the lines back on the motherboard then through the connector to the DDR Processor broad.[/quote]nice work there.if it was a smd we could try to pull some wires but with this BGA design, its gonna be like impossible if there are no traces on the board.
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