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Is there much call for a forum for the Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet?

It runs on Intel Baytrail Z3735D

so it's an quad core 1.86mhz intel atom x86 based SOC, Intel HD Graphics, 1920x1800 8.2" screen and runs Android 4.4.2 (plus one or two OTA updates, fixingg some KitKat limitations like you can move some apps to external SD, and some charging issues).

It's made by Pegatron and sold throughout the UK in Tesco (our biggest supermarket chain, think Walmart or similar) stores so it's very popular here in the UK and compares very well with the usual Samsung Tabs etc. Build quality is good, screen is pretty amazing, it's not the thinnest or lightest design but it's solid and strong. It has some bloatware installed , mainly for Tesco shopping services and Tescos Blinkbox streaming video, book, and audio stores. [Tesco sold off Blinkbox :D Nook took on the bookstore, TalkTalk bought the music service]

The bloatware can be easily removed by installing an alternative launcher (Google Now, Nova, Apex) and freezing those apps you don't use.

There's been some work done at the Modaco site to root, which involves using ADB/Fastboot to write a system image that includes Superuser. Haven't found any other way :-(

Hopes of running Win8, or dual booting, seem to difficult due to bios or lockdown issues. Same for installing a custom recovery, which would be very useful.

So, anyone own these, have any tips/links to share, and does it deserve a subforum under Baytrail Z3735 ?
Greetings essjayr2,

Thanks for the suggestion/request :good:

I just set up and will be moving this topic to the New Tesco Hudi 2 forum here:

Good luck and have fun :drinks:

Kind regards,

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