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TempestU39GT Roms Hybrid1

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{Contains RKBatchTool 1.7 tested clean by Kaspersky}

This rom is also available as a CWM flashable zip. Want to find out why CWM is better?
Please view here for further information

TempestU39GT roms are meant to be lightweight, fast and functional. Anything fanciful that would contribute to bloat will not be added.

TempestU39GT roms are also tailored to the Cube U39GT. I personally maintain this rom for this device and this device only. This means there will be dedicated support for this device using this rom.

Note: TempestU39GT Roms have been tested to work and has been hosed down with bug spray. It still may have bugs though. please check post 2 to see if the bug has been listed before posting. Also, please be aware that I don't give a rat's behind about antutu or other benchmark scores. My emphasis is on real life performance rather than benchmarks. If you wish to ask about antutu or others, please create a separate thread.

  • Multi-Window Multitasking! (currently unavailable as it is buggy)
  • Hybrid of iFive X2 and Cube U39GT
  • Comes with minimize status bar and maximize status bar button (The double ended arrow button)
  • Comes with in build app drawer (The middle dots button)
  • Really really smooth
  • This list is currently incomplete


Rom Downloads

Instructions on how to flash
  1. WARNING: Flashing this repack will wipe your device including the internal SD card (aka Internal Storage), Strongly recommended that you remove external SD card
  2. Download my RkBatchTool v1.7
  3. Connect Cube U39GT to PC (if PC does not detect download and install drivers from the tools section of this post)
  4. Select the repack image in RkBatchTool
  5. Press Switch
  6. Wait till the pink box turns green
  7. Press upgrade
  8. Wait till its done
  9. First boot might take a little longer than expected
  10. Once booted, the tablet will lag for a while as it is still initializing
  11. Done!
  12. Most important final step... Donate me a couple of beers

Any issues with my roms please post in this tread and I will do my best to help. However, anything benchmark related will not be entertained.

If you like what I've done consider donating a beer! It'll encourage me to keep up my good work!
Link's in my Signature
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Hi lambstone,

Can you make another ROM with 1.06 from Cube for U39GT and the newest ROM for iFiveX2 4.4.2 (KitKat) or 4.2.2.

Thanks in advance for your answer and your work
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