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XAUMOD Firmware for 8 inch, 2 speaker IMX515 tablet (modded from the single speaker XAUMOD ROM)

This system image will almost certainly NOT work on an 8", single speaker (2 screws) tablet!

If you install this on a single speaker iMX515 tablet you will probably find your screen stuck upside down. On the other hand, if you have a two speaker imx515 tablet and installed a ROM that made your screen stay upside down this ROM will probably fix your screen rotation.

This is a modified version of XAUMOD. XAUMOD is a great, stable single speaker iMX515 ROM. I made very few changes.

I added ts.conf to /system/etc. Tweaking ts.conf may correct some screen jitter on your tablet. If you have screen jitter ts.conf will almost certainly not completely fix the issue. You will need to tweak the numbers for your own tablet to see best results. (Screen jitter is actually caused by a hardware issue.)

This has only been tested on my own two speaker iMX515 tablet. You install at your own risk, and I make no guarantee you will have no problems, etc. You know the drill.

Please read the first sentence at the top of this post again - if you are certain you have a two speaker (no screws) clone, click here to download the two speaker version of the XAUMOD firmware.

To install:
Unzip system.img and system.md5 from the download.
Put both files in /sdcard on your tablet.
Power off your tablet.
Hold down the menu and home keys while turning on your tablet.
Don't let go of the menu and home keys until you see the penguin.
You should see the recovery menu when the tablet has booted.
"Update System"
"Wipe cache partition"
"Wipe data/factory reset" (this WILL delete all apps and data in your internal memory)
"Reboot system now"

After reboot you will need to calibrate your touch screen and set up your accounts and apps again. If you have backed up your applications, I strongly recommend do not restore any system apps from your backups. You will most likely have an unstable install if you do.
Download File
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