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TED player show off how good PDN can be

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Try the TED player just to see what PDN can do with the right App. It is limited to on TED videos so it is not universal. I believe it is written in Adobe AIR. You can find the .apk from: you don't know what TED is, it is worth checking out at: TED player streaming, you can wow those iPad owners who love to show you NetFlix doing the same on their expensive toy. Maybe when NetFlix for Android arrives, we can get it working on PDN.Thank you for all you people who helped made this cheap PDN useful.
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I installed TED and I really like it - tons of video and the topics are very interesting! Just wow - thanks for the find!
I wouldn't show mine to anyone! Everyone I view, the video is lagging the audio, best I can tell. Almost unwatchable. I have been a fan of TED for some time BTW.kev
Works well on mine. Sorry it does not for you. Maybe it is network bw dependent or a lot of background memory usage. So far it is the best a+v streaming app i have found. Sending this on PDN while listening to Droid-live streaming 128k from Internet radio.
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