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Hi janDr0id,

i wanted to do that too, i read somewhere that the internal microsd card slot only supports 16GB microsd cards,
no data about what class should it support.

i have used an a-data class 4 32GB microSD card in the external slot and worked fine ( i had some issues with it
read my other posts to find out what happened to me ) but right now it is working very very stable.

now, i dont know what the flashing procedure does to the internal microsd card but there seems to be a problem
with partitioning ( someone said that the flashing of a new firmware would re-create the partitions with a fixed
size ) and if that is the case i dont think its gonna be workable to upgrade and then take the internal microsd card
for partition size adjustments each time.

how ever the fastboot tool that is used to flash the boot.img and system.img files included in a firmware upgrade
doesn´t seem to requiere extra parameters about the size of partitions so its worth the try.

one thing that you should keep in mind is that the microsd card has 4 partitions ( if i remember correctly
a system partition, a cache partition, a data partition and the user's data partitions ) this spaces are visible
from a computer however i am still trying to find there the boot.img file gets written in the microsd card
i have tested and it seems its not at the beggining of the microsd, also the bootloader i have no idea where to write it
and lastly, there seems to be a recovery.img that is also present in the microsd card and not in a partition but in an
specific location ( this recovery.img seems to have the program to flash the upgrades the one that runs when you press
home + power ).

i only have the Tasselhof 2.2 backup image for reading and testing as my original microsd content was destroyed before
i could make a backup image ( with android 2.3 )

anyway, if you doit please keep us posted i think a class 10 would make a lot of diference in boot time.

best regards,

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Thank you for the teardown video. I have a few questions which if answered would be really helpful!

1. I pulled out the internal SD card, now how do i see the entire android installation on it?
2. I tried following the manual SMDKV210 Gingerbread pdf file, but it talks a lot about setting some bits and all. What i'm trying to get at is, has anyone tried building a custom rom for the T9? If not, can anyone point in the simplest directions to do it?
3. I over wrote the default bootloader, and now its just dark, i was wondering if anyone has a work around for that! I hope i dint brick it! :/

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