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Hi guys,

I hve T05a tablet also knows as A90 . I install custom rom through LiveSuit but after installation device showing black screen. so i search appropriate ROM for my device n i install many other ROM like
1. 9.7-4.28
2. sun4i_crane_t05a_mma7660_2012061
3. 97F1-D2-H2-H01-W402.20120210
4. A90sun4i_crane_t05a_mma7660_20120614
5. aino_2.0.4
6. F1
7. sun4i_crane_t05a_1.2_20120503
8. TAB360-364_Android_411_Jelly_Bean

Model : T05a
Allwinner A10 chipset
1gb ram

also attached two pictures of my tab.

even after all this things my device still have same problem. but when i install 9.7-4.28 it's show disply but only show some white line like a Barcode.

guyssssss plz plzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppppppppppppppp helppppppp


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