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One of the dedicated members of the forum pointed in an earlier thread to the firmware from where you can extract the art.wild.gdocs.apk application.It will synchronise with your GOOGLE docs documents.I believe you first from the PC interface for GOOGLEdocs in document settings (upper right corner beside your mail address) must untick to NOT use newest version of google docs wordprocessor format.The doc format changed earlier this year and I belive the GDocs app. was written before that,but I could be wrong.A couple og other versions of GDocs reported errors,but this one works.GDocs is freeware.EDIT: as it is a bit unpractical (also to the a-link company) with download of 60Mb to extract a small apk file I have put the file here - some limit of monthly download exist.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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