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Succesful battery mod !

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My eken m001 now has a 3600 mAh battery and it still has it's orginal housing !I placed a second 7.4V 1800 mAh battery in parallel with the internal battery inside the eken m001 and it works ! The batteries i used are identical to eachother and i first fully charged them both seperately.I am now testing the battery performance, the only downside is that it is a very very tight fit (actually it bends the case somewhat
). The battery is placed under the motherboard.Here are some pics:
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Not that difficult,the battery Eken come with is loose.Easy to deconnect from motherboard.Cut and strip the leads so you can twist the copper,and then solder.I hope your battery will work,you can give it a try using the Eken charger.
if i changed my battery to a new one, does it matter how many cells it is?Do I have to change the charger on my tablet?
I hooked up my new battery to my tablet and it works! Only problem is, it still dies after a few minutes of usage. I can't seem to get it to charge the new battery either. any ideas?
I use an special LIPO Charger for to charge the Batteries of my Eken M003. That brings a little as more than 4h worktime incl. WiFi without the need to change the Batteries. LIPO's are very sensitive regarding charging. Not to tell dangerous as well if the charger isn't the right one! The Original charger I use for charging if I'm out of office and need a re-charge!Any LIPO Charger which are used for Model/RC Aircraft's etc. will do the job just as need.
Hmm....a lipo charger will cost me like an extra 50 bucks. at this point, it's honestly just cheaper for me to sell the M001 and use my spare laptop. Figures.
What do you guys think of this pack

Really better than original one of the M001 (7.4V 5800mAh)

Looks promising!

A question to the experts: Will we need some special charger or can we just install and use the regular M001 charger?

EDIT: Also found this one!

Very cheap for its capacity! A bit better than original one (7.4V 2200mAh)
Both those batteries are too thick, the Eken can handle battery pack approx 100mmX60mmX3mm
i think i should try this , too. the time is to short in the orginal version. i have to pimp mine too.
Could you mod this with 2 1900ahm batteries that are both 3.7 volts?
Could you mod this with 2 1900ahm batteries that are both 3.7 volts?
Yes. Mah determines how long your batteries have before recharging. >Mah = more time.
What do you guys think about these batteries as external backup?

2x 4000mAh 18650 Protected Li-ion Rechargeable Battery:

Firefox 9.6V 4000mAh Ni-MH Airsoft Large Type Battery:

They are not large, cheap and will give you an extra 4000 mAh
i'm new to the tablet world but i'm gathering info atm, i just traded a broken xbox for an eken m001 and i'll look around this nice forum to mod it up and get games!
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41 - 54 of 54 Posts
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