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Succesful battery mod !

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My eken m001 now has a 3600 mAh battery and it still has it's orginal housing !I placed a second 7.4V 1800 mAh battery in parallel with the internal battery inside the eken m001 and it works ! The batteries i used are identical to eachother and i first fully charged them both seperately.I am now testing the battery performance, the only downside is that it is a very very tight fit (actually it bends the case somewhat
). The battery is placed under the motherboard.Here are some pics:
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Update: Still no problems with the battery
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Update:Still no problems...
plz update status ....!now after + half mount ,how long does the battery?thx moderator plz stick this post...
Still OK :)I will measure the battery uptime again when i have the time.
Blastexx, just out of curiosity, how did you put the buttery there? I just opened my M001 and there isn't enough space for another battery with the size of the stock one. Or the one you bought is smaller?
Thought I would chime in and I am impressed with your mod. I was deep into the RC electric hobby and the nitro. I dud experience the Lipo batteries with Novak brushless systems. As long as you monitor the charging, u should have a long lasting eken m001. An additional mod to the eken M001 should be a battery indicator that either beeps or LED that changes color when charged (done). At least a modified charger or change out the charger altogether?
@metal03326: The battery i have bought is indeed much smaller than the stock one, see the ebay link at the first page of this [email protected]: My eken charges with the original charger, so the blue light will come on when it is charging and will go off when it is fully charged.
That explains everything
My battery is 1600mAh, though
I'll need to replace both batteries, which will cost me $30, which is 1/3 of the price of the tablet... so I guess I won't do this mod.
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Hi All,I'm new to this forum and I expect to receive my M001 somewhere next week. I see a lot of mods where an extra battery is put in parallel with the existing battery. I would expect that people would replace the battery for a more powerfull one. This would reduce all kinds of risks mentioned. Is there a particular reason for not doing this? And which battery (what to buy) could we use?Thanks,Anton
i think you have answered your own question, the problem is that i did not find any 7.4V battery with a balance board and more than 1800 mAh that fits inside of the eken M001....
blastexx : Can you put a front facing pic of the connection where you joint both the batteries.
yes blast this mod is great I am going to stick this thread , please post pics if you have a chance
Adding it to the wiki would be an idea as well.
I will place some more pictures and maybe a video if i crack open my eken again
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I will go away for a week and want some extra batterytime for my EKEN.I had problems fitting a extra battery behind the motherboard,resulted in pressure shadows on the display and not optimal function of the buttons.I cut wires abd soldered the leads from the two batteries to the motherboard connector and with the soldering iron cut a window on the back cover,glued batteries and added some silicone.The hinges was vulnerable and glued all togheter and some paint.Works OK,time will show if I have got some more miliamps
So do you just take the leads from the old battery and solder in the leads from the new one? I bought a 5200mah 7.2v battery just now because my stock eken will last like 30 minutes on the regular battery.
The original battery in the M001 is 7.4v
My bad, I meant to put 7.4. lol. Thankfully, I realized it was 7.4 RIGHT before I clicked "commit to buy" on a 7.2.
funcadellicDconnecting the two batteries in parallell as you describe works OK.Leads are though thin.With more care than I used you will probably get a very nice looking Eken
So you don't have to even take the old battery out? You just solder the leads from the new battery to the wires coming from the old one? Can I use the eken charger if I have a LiPo battery, or is that what blastex did? I can't tell for sure.
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