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I recenlty cleared my tab of vegatab gingerbread and went back to the stock software ( rooted )
And have found it pritty perfect for my uses, hardware video etc all is fine and perfect Iplayer, flash etc

I have also treated myself to a new andriod phone and have setup all my contacts and calendar on google but noticed I am missing this from the stock OS.
Is there any way of getting it back
Its andriod 2.2 on there so from what I have found is I can use adb push the apk files I need to system\apps
There is a contact.apk but assume that the stock hannspad version.

Finally as i have to to the adb push, I was playing with the recent stock updated software but was unable to root it
It was displaying a out of space when pushing to system\apps and the icons would display briefly.
Has anyone seeen that before ( in case I get it when trying to push the calendar etc.
I think i need the 2.2 versions of


If not I might switch back to a diffrent Rom
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