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I need to get Ethernet connection working while display is off on stock-1119 ROM. When display is on it works just perfect, when I turn it off tablet stops communicating immediately. I have done some research and it is most likely caused by this: 1) When you turn display off (with PARTIAL_WAKELOCK on) Android gets into early_suspend mode 2) At that point init kills dhcpcd daemon, which effectively means that it can not communicate over Ethernet any more (it's completely unreasonable since usb Ethernet is still powered because of PARTIAL_WAKELOCK).

I have tried to use different RAM discs or to mod init.rc but I couldnt fix it on my own. Can anybody help me with some tips please?

There is my original init.rc attached. It is service dhcpcd_usbnet0 which I can not get working when display is off.

btw it works well in CyanogenMod, but I just can not use that ROM for several different reasons.

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