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To mac1_131:

Since you're fooling around with a 2nd WPDN read my last post here about how the Market came alive all by itself on my WPDN! And that's without ANY fix or any change in the Android ID.

It's in the thread: Who's still having problems with ADB.

By the way, if I slide the power switch momentarily the PDN goes to sleep and does not wake up... up to now, at least. I put it to sleep last night and this afternoon it was still asleep. I had to wake it up by momentarily sliding the switch again. It was plugged-in to the AC though.
Of course it doesn't go to sleep by itself. The screen goes black but it is not asleep. A tap on the glass and it is alive.

And thanks for your reply several days ago. It pointed me to the right direction.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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