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Something NOT RIGHT with this Model???

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hi. found an open box APAD in ym country, decent price.all specs are for iRobot APAD... Rockchip 600/500, front side camera...BUT, he said the manual says 2500mAh battery, but the ones everyone else has been reporting is 3000mAhanyone know anything about that difference?
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Is the LED on the front of the device blue or red?
Go into about and check if Rockchip kernel. Also check led like above poster said. If blue led avoid like the plague as flashing it bricks it.
I asked him, he powered it and the charing LED is REDbut the manual says 2500 mAh battery, ?
Genuine iRobot and Moonse devices have a 3,000mAh battery. Something is not right if the battery is not that capacity.
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