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I've found the solution:

1. Copy wm8505_kpad_md.ko from android-distro to /lib/modules/
2. Open /etc/init.d/kbd
3. Add the line to begin of file:
insmod /lib/modules/wm8505_kpad_md.ko
4. Reboot

Now you must reconfigure keycodes.

1. Create the file /root/.xmodmaprc
2. Add this and save:
keycode 147 = Prior
keycode 110 = Next
keycode 9 = BackSpace
Prior means Page Up
Next means Page Down
You may reconfigure keycodes as you like. My keycodes are only for example.
If you have Flytouch or something like this, you must to search your keycodes. Write in console
And press any button to see the keycode.
3. Add the line to /root/.xinirc before icewm (or before matchbox-window-manager if you have matchbox)
xmodmap .xmodmaprc
icewmbg &
4. Reboot and enjoy!

I don't know why volume buttons don't work.

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I know this is slightly necromancy, however, I figured out where you can put the insmod call without it screwing up your touchpad calibration, try placing it in /etc/rc.local then go on as normal. works perfectly here. If possible can you edit the first post to show this?
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