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So i dropped it...

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Yea, it was bound to happen. I broke it good! The touchscreen is dangling by the ribbon and the lcd is cracked. I purchased it less than a week ago. Any chance of a return or replacement?
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You can replace the 7" touch screen. Use this link Once you damage it no retail store would take that back. You can have it fixed at your cost. I would replace the panel yourself and then return it back to the store. That's up to you though?
Hmm could I replace it with a capacitive screen?
eisman;43227 said:
Hmm could I replace it with a capacitive screen?
you could, but you need the drivers for it
oneadvent;43234 said:
pics or it didn't happen
he doesnt have to post pics... I believe he dropped it
okay fine, i believe him too, i just wanna see
eisman;43227 said:
Hmm could I replace it with a capacitive screen?
You can't because of the pin issue, you would have to mod the MOBO. If your daring. But didn't you want to return the unit back to Kmart?
Pic, it did happen!
Guess it is a good thing I got 2. Now I have one to really screw with. Shame is I JUST got it patched and my apps installed. Going to see if I can get a nandroid backup and flash the other one.
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Every time I read one of these it makes me want to find a nice sturdy case that I could leave on the GT all of the time while still having access to the ports & buttons.... and not just for the GT but for any tablet that I should ever end up owning, as their base designs make the LCDs very vulnerable to drop damage...
wow thats terrible.thanks for the pictures, that screen just shattered. it feels so plastic-y.
TIPSTERthats a pretty cool siteIm not registered and at work, any idea what the cost is?Just curious I saw someone already ran into the MOBO issue with the capacitive screen, but makes you wonder eh?j
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