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Please let us all know what you like and don't like so far regarding the newly released Trio Stealth Pro 9.7.

I'll start if off:


- Releatively snappy firmware (as first releases go)
- USB OTG and Host ports
- Decent TFT Screen
- WiFi antenna decent
- Solid construction

- Placement of speakers (side bezel)
- Crappy speaker output (really tinny and low volume)
- Low battery life (getting 4-6 hours with regular use)
- No support so far from manufacturer (I mean, can we AT LEAST get an original firmware release for this thing?)


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So far so good for me. I can totally agree with the speakers being the worst I've seen in a great while. The fact you can root and get the play store makes it way more useful, and I must say it hasn't given me any trouble so far. Have been visiting the manufacture website since the black Friday sale, and at least now they have the 9.7 inch tablet listed, but that is about it.

If I find anything else out I'll come back here and post it.
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